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Fertility Clinic | Columbia
Dr. Diana Broomfield

Maryland IVF Fertility Health & Wellness Center’s  mission is to provide World-Class Expert Fertility Care’ that is comprehensive, compassionate, sensitive and multidisciplinary; utilizing the most modern fertility technology and treatment in a supportive, warm, caring and emotionally engaging ambiance.

Our reproductive health care facility provides access to advanced fertility services that include a state-of-the art IVF lab and a comprehensive Mind Body Fertility Program. This Mind Body Fertility Program includes psychotherapy, Mind Body group and individual sessions, acupuncture, and massage therapy where patients are treated as our ‘honored guests’. This practice was founded on the principles of providing expert fertility services that is consistent with genuine compassionate care that is personalized. Maryland IVF Fertility Health & Wellness Center - is a unique fertility center where even your unspoken needs are met. We pledge to serve our 'honored guests’ with the highest form of respect, compassion, and expert diligence and to provide the finest expert fertility services in an environment that exemplifies the anticipatory service of our team.

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